7 Ways to Lose Weight

7 ways to lose weight

These are the the 7 surefire ways to lose weight.

#1 -Know your condition and your maintenance caloric value.

There will be 2 values you need to know. The first one, Base Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the amount of calories that your body will burn irregardless what you do, even if you just sleep through without doing anything at all. The second value is the amount of calories you will need daily to go about your daily activities. The difference between these 2 values will be greater the more active your lifestyle is and smallest when only a normal sedentary lifestyle is assumed.

Once you know these figures, you know how to target to plan your diet and exercises.

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7 Ways to Lose Weight #2 – Cut out all sugar products.

No sugary drinks and fruit juices. Take coffee or tea black. A diet high in sugar will cause insulin resistance, which will then retard your body’s ability to burn fat

7 Ways to Lose Weight #3 – Eat fresh

Avoid high fat high salt processed foods like ham, bacon and hotdogs. Whenever possible, eat food fresh especially lots of green vegetables. My favourite is the lettuce with cherry tomatoes and japanese cucumbers.

#4 – Eat more proteins and carbohydrates from vegetables and less starchy carbs like pasta

Eat more proteins from chicken breast and salmon. Reduce intake of pasta, rice and starchy sauces.

Another good sauce is from nuts, about a handful a day of unsalted nuts like hazelnuts, almonds, cashews would be good.

7 Ways to Lose Weight #5 1 hour of cardio workout daily

Be on your exercise bike or threadmill for at least an hour a day. An hour a day will help you burn off 500 calories thereabouts.

7 Ways to Lose Weight #6 – Curb your appetite. Eat only 80% full.

A lot of people fall at this hurdle. In the modern world, portions are invariable larger than what our bodies need and we end up eating more than what our body needs and therefore the excess ends up being stored as fat. Over time, our body got used to the larger and larger portions and even when we have eaten more calories than our body needed, we still feel hungry and continue eating. So, starting with eating only 80% full can help to adjust our appetite downwards. This is why point 1 is so important. It is knowing how much our body needed so that we can stop eating even though we have hunger pangs.

In the initial stages, you can fill in with fruits like guava which have high dietary fiber and can help you stave off the hunger pangs. After a while, you won’t even feel the hunger anymore on the reduced intake. I always make a guava snack which is sliced guava in apple cider vinegar so that i can snack whenever I feel like gorging myself on food.

Just make sure that proteins are not sacrificed. Women need a daily dose of 45 grams of protein and Men need 55 grams.

7 Ways to Lose Weight #7 – Pick a high intensity sport to play at least once a week

Pick up an interest in sports which you can participate at least once a week. This can help to burn up another few hundred calories per week.

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