What are the best ways to lose weight

what are the best ways to lose weight

Is it one that requires you not having to exercise ? Or, is it one that requires you not changing your diet much ? Here, I have listed 4 ways based on different criteria :

1. What are the best ways to lose weight Without exercising

With regards to what are the best ways to lose weight, there is one best way based on your individual criteria. And, all these ways are different depending on the criteria you wanted.

There may be those who would like to lose weight without going through rigorous exercises. The best way to do so would involve the following

a. Determine the calories deficit required

First, find out what is your base metabolic rate (BMR). This value determines the amount of calories that your body burns to keep your body functioning. You can find your BMR value here. By consuming calories equal to your BMR value would maintain your weight. To lose weight, you would need to consume less than this number of calories. I would suggest that you consume 70% of this figure or about 1400-1500 calories.

b. Establish the diet required

After you have established the amount of calories to consume, it is time to design the diet to meet this target, say 400 calories for breakfast, 700 calories for lunch and 300-400 calories for dinner.

c. Change in posture

A person burns twice as much calories standing compared to sitting. So, just by standing more often than sitting helps you to burn more calories.

2. Without dieting

To lose weight without dieting, the best way is to intensify your exercise regime. Assuming you are consuming about 2200 calories and your BMR is 2000, you would require to burn 800 calories to lose 1 lb in 6 days. You can achieve this by doing a mixture of weights training or cardio exercises for about 2 hours a day.

3 What are the best ways to lose weight without exercising and dieting

However, you may be thinking, what if I want to lose weight without exercising and dieting. Is that even possible ? The answer is Yes, although it may mean making some lifestyle changes.

Our body has a natural mechanism whereby it will repair all our cells which have been impaired during our activities in the day. To do so would require the body to burn tremendous amount of calories. Many sleep science studies shows that this process only takes place when we are in deep sleep, starting at 10pm. It does this by releasing melatonin. The production of this hormone peaks at 12 midnight, declining steadily until it stops completely at 2am.

So, for those that keep late nights would need to be sure to be in deep sleep by 10pm. For those having difficulty in getting to sleep early, https://tinyurl.com/fatszapper can help with a bedtime beverage that would send you into a deep sleep quickly.

Moreover, you can also stand more opposed to sitting down. Taking stairs instead of lift whenever possible would also help tremendously

4. What are the best ways to lose weight fast with whatever it takes

If you have an ambitious plan to lose a lot of weight and in a short period of time, you would only need to follow all the above consistently and you would be able to achieve your goal.

One important point to bear in mind, is that, losing weight is a journey rather than an exercise. You need to keep at it consistently to really see breakthrough results. Otherwise, whatever loss would only be temporary and you will gain back the pounds once you go back to your old ways.

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